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Europe is Calling for You! Choose an Amazing Vacation in these Coastal Towns in Italy

A photo of a coastal city in Italy.  There is a title that says

There are quite a few cities, towns, and villages to visit when you go on vacation in Italy. While many travelers put Rome, Venice, and Florence at the top of their list, I want you to be aware that there are multiple coastal towns in Italy to enjoy while on vacation. Today, I am sharing some of the spectacular coastal towns in Italy with you. At least one of them should pique your interest, and head straight to the top of your list, for your next vacation. 

Europe is Calling for You! Choose an Amazing Vacation in These Coastal Towns in Italy


I am sure you have heard about the Amalfi Coast and how it is one of the most stunning destinations to visit in Italy. Well, visiting the coastal town of Amalfi can take your vacation in Italy to the next level. 

Monte Cerreto looms high above this coastal town and is part of the dramatic cliffs that add to the ambiance below. 

You can easily walk along the pedestrian streets, as you wander from piazza to piazza. Stop to purchase a souvenir or two at the shops. Or at least get yourself a cup of coffee or gelato if you don’t need any more souvenirs. 

One of the most beautiful attractions in Amalfi is the Duomo di Amalfi. This church is from the 9th century. It features gorgeous mosaics, as well as intricate details on the ceiling. 


Do you love hiking and spending time outdoors while on vacation? If you said yes, then Riomaggiore is the coastal town in Italy for you! 

This coastal town is part of Cinque Terre. It is directly on the Gulf of Genoa. You can easily hike from here to Manarola on the Via Dell’Amore or Lover’s Path. The beginning portion of that path is locally known as the Sentiero Azzurro, or Blue Path.

Walking through the town of Riomaggiore will also have you stopping at 14th-century churches, as well as a medieval castle. Take the time to climb up the steep rocky staircase in town during your visit. The views of the coastline from the top are incredible.  

A photo of Portofino Italy near sunset.  There are boats in the harbor and houses around the coast.


Portofino is part of the Italian Riviera, which is popular amongst celebrities. Your time in this coastal town can be spent out on a yacht in the water. Relax, drink some wine, and dive into the refreshing water for a swim. 

On land, you can hike up to Castello Brown. This 15th-century castle offers amazing views of the town. Art can be appreciated by viewing the sculptures at Museo del Parco. 

Portofino is one of the most fashionable destinations on the Italian Riviera. Be prepared to stop into a few of the designer shops to pick out a few new outfits to take home. 

A photo of people eating in Poisano Italy


Positano is another one of the charming towns on the Amalfi Coast. This coastal town in Italy is considered one of the most photogenic areas of the country. 

A vacation in Positano should include day trips to the Grotta della Smeraldo, Capri, and Ischia. When you need a little downtime, Fornillo Beach will be waiting for you. Unless, of course, you prefer the popular Spiaggia Grande. 

The best time to visit Positano is between April and June. There are fewer crowds during those months. And yet, the weather is warm and the wisteria is in full bloom. 

A picnic in Italy with white wine.


If you want to taste lots of fine wine while on vacation in Italy, visit the cozy town of Manarola. The vineyards in this coastal town in Italy were established many centuries ago. That is how you know the local wine must be some of the best in the world. 

I recommend drinking white wine while in Manarola. They are high-quality wines that pair well with many dishes. 

When you are not drinking wine, you may find yourself wandering around this coastal town in Italy. Check out San Lorenzo church not only for the stunning views but also the rose window. 

It is also best to be outside, preferably down by the water, as the sun sets. Watching the sunset in Manarola is one of the most memorable experiences you can have during a vacation in Italy. 


You must travel to Sicily to experience the coastal town of Cefalù during your vacation in Italy. This historic town happens to be the most popular resort area in Sicily. 

Your first stop should be at the fortress. It is there where you can see the two monolithic towers that dominate the scenery. The Byzantine mosaics are quite impressive too. Don’t skip past Rocca, which is the Temple of Diana’s ruins. 

Many archaeological artifacts can be seen within the Mandralisca Museum. It is there where you can also view an original Antonello da Messina portrait. 

A photo of the jagged coast of Atrani


One of the smallest towns on the Amalfi Coast is Altrani. This hidden gem is full of traditional homes, medieval buildings, and lemon groves. 

You can easily walk through this town to see it all and appreciate its characteristics. However, to see the curving support arches of this town near the coastline, you should venture out in a boat. Those views will be better than anything you see from land. 

There are so many other coastal towns in Italy you can spend time in during an amazing vacation in Italy. If Europe has been calling your name for some time, now is the time to turn those European dreams into a reality! Contact me today and let me plan your coastal town vacation in Italy, so you can enjoy the experiences you have been dreaming about in recent years. 


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