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Travel Itineraries

Designing unique & upscale luxury travel experiences to create lifelong memories.


Custom travel is much more than booking a hotel room and a flight. Custom travel plans are designed for you to see the world in a way that is unique and special to you. Everything you share becomes the inspiration behind the trip. It begins with a feeling and is tailored from the biggest, brightest moments down to the most precious details.

At Mary Yost Travel, we delve deep into the destination on privately guided tours, enjoy exclusive access, and embark on day trips that are curated and designed to create lifelong memories. We continue to add dimension to your trip until it's just right for you.

The following sample itineraries are a framework to give you an idea. Then, the designing begins and the creation becomes unique to you!



9 Days in Spain's most beautiful cities

Explore Spain's most beautiful cities in this 9-day luxury itinerary.

Photo: Canva; Granada, Spain; by LuisMascoPH

Lisbon portugal.jpg



10 Days in Portugal's breathtaking landscapes

Explore Portugal's most beautiful cities in this
10-day luxury itinerary.

Photo: Canva; Belem Tower in Lisbon at sunset, Portugal; by KavalenkavaVolha

Dalmation Islands.png

Croatia & Montenegro


8 days along the Adriatic Coast

Explore Croatia & Montenegro in this 8-day luxury itinerary.

Photo: Canva; Dalmation Coast; by alexeys from Getty Images

Capri, Italy.jpg

Amalfi Coast & Isle of Capri, Italy


6 days in the heart of Italy's Coastal Paradise

Explore Italy's Amalfi Coast and Isle of Capri in this 6-day luxury itinerary.

Photo: Canva; Capri, Faraglioni; by Francesco Riccardo lacomino from Getty Images

Rome 2.jpg

Rome, Florence, Tuscany, & the Coast of Italy


10 days in the heart of Italy

Explore Rome, Florence, Tuscany, and more in this 10-day luxury itinerary.

Photo: Canva; Rome, Italy; by sorincolac from Getty Images Pro

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