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Create memories and experiences that delight the soul & promote a beautiful life.

Ina Garten Cookbook Collection

MY Culinary Connection Favorite

This year has been very difficult for everyone, and life has taken certain unexpected twists and turns, some for better some for worse. So, to be surrounded by close family members or friends for an intimate, cozy dinner in the comfort of your own home is a moment in time to cherish. Having family and friends around the kitchen island or dining table is where I’m happiest and most fulfilled when not on the road traveling.

As I begin to think and plan for the upcoming holiday, I immediately go to my tried-and-true recipes by the highly favored Ina Garten, also known as Barefoot Contessa. Where do I begin when it comes to my adoration for Ina Garten? She’s a familiar face on Food Network TV cooking shows, and her recipes have made me and millions of others more confident in the kitchen.

Ina shares ideas and recipes for familiar food with outstanding flavor for the everyday cook to the party planner in you.

Her simple, yet delicious recipes are typically easy to make and her tips for a beautiful presentation sets the expectation that the dish will taste as great as it looks!

Over the years, I have collected every one of Ina’s cookbooks and have enjoyed creating and serving recipes to my family and friends. Her cookbooks include her strategies and plans for cooking and entertaining, menu-planning basics, beautiful photographs, and “signature recipes that strike the perfect balance between elegance and casual comfort. “ It is always my goal when entertaining to strike that same balance to ensure the guests are comfortable amongst a touch of elegance. With all that I’ve learned about cooking and entertaining from Ina, I will forever be grateful for the ways she has educated me to “dazzle my guests” with great cooking and party basics! Create memories and experiences that delight the soul & promote a beautiful life.


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