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MY Favorite February Product

Creed Virgin Island Water

With MY focus on a Coastal theme for travel this month, I have a plethora of sun-kissed products that are my travel favorites. Throughout my travels, I am appreciative (typically!) of the scents and smells of the country, island, city or town that I am visiting. This month’s favorite product is a fragrance that I’ve worn and adored for many years. Inspired by a sailing trip near Ginger Island in the Caribbean, it's no wonder Creed’s Virgin Island Water simply reminds me of a catamaran adventure through the Caribbean.

Virgin Island Water opens up with that same fresh lime, but accompanied by a lighter sweeter citrus and the warmth of coconut flesh. Once that lime mellows out the fragrant florals come through to compliment the whole aforementioned fresh bouquet which stays for the whole ride. The top notes do lightly fade by the third hour letting the florals bloom and allowing the still light base notes come through which is mostly rum to make the whole fragrance smell like you've put citrus in your hair while swimming in the saltwater and then slathering in coconut oil to soothe your sun dried skin before walking through a hibiscus and lily lined path back from the beach to the boat and then having a rum margarita.

Plus the gorgeous packaging and hand crafted bottles make for an excellent addition to your vanity or nightstand. Like small pieces of art just for you. The amazing feature of the fragrance as well is that it is unisex. The dynamic notes of Virgin Island Water allows for a unique combination when applied to men and women with each persons individual scent creating an unique bouquet for just them.

It’s a little splash of tropical paradise in a bottle!


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