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Meaningful Coastal Design

The month of January brings with it many things. A new year, a fresh start, a clean slate to begin trying new ways to refine our personal lives for the better. Many of us begin with de-cluttering our homes, office, and minds in an attempt to live our best lives. These are all great goals to achieve. I myself am among the many who try to attain this higher order of cleanliness and organization each year.

Over this past year, in an attempt to keep myself occupied while being at home more, I established a goal of wanting to create a home that embraced more of a peaceful and serene atmosphere throughout each room. I looked at each space and asked myself the question, “Will this piece be of value to me or a guest, and how will this help build serenity in my home?” So after deciding to remodel a couple of the rooms in my home, my plan was to focus on creating new spaces that provide functionality, calmness and comfort. It also provided me the opportunity to review the current decor and lifestyle pieces I’ve collected over the years. Throughout the remodel, I kept most pieces that had history and memories attached, and purchased some new pieces as well. As I was purchasing new pieces, my focus I chose many natural materials to create a comfortable home that illuminates ambience and peace. So, how do I specifically create peace and comfort?

One of the specific ways in which I bring peace into my home is by incorporating pieces that bring me joy, so to help inspire you all, I am featuring a Coastal tablescape for my February newsletter that showcases this theme. Right now, I’m at the beach collecting natural items for my tablescape that will bring a sense of peace and well-being into our home long after we are back from the gulf coast.

If you are looking for new inspiration for your home, look for my newsletter in February to bring a fresh new coastal idea to your home to bring you peace and joy!

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