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A Sacred Destination Spa | SANTA FE, NM

What’s your personal travel style? Are you a foodie or a nomad? Do you crave active adventure or unbeatable luxury, group tour or cruise, special interest, art, history, culture, education, wellness, relaxation, or romance?

Whatever your preferred style and method of travel, most travelers want to include various elements and add more layers into the itinerary for an enhanced travel experience. This requires honesty from within because most of us don’t fit neatly into one category.

In considering my own travel style, I believe I have evolved over the years into a luxury traveler. I cherish the finest amenities, gastronomic experiences and 5 star service, yet desire a delicate balance between art, culture, history, wellness, and even a bit of light adventure. While culinary experiences are my focus, obsession and fascination on any trip, I’m intrigued to immerse myself into many other travel facets in every locale I visit.

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Santa Fe, New Mexico – also known as “The Enchanted City.” As I stepped off the plane, every sense in my body was awakened by the sweeping vistas of the endless mountain ranges and bright blue skies overhead. As I breathed in the crisp mountain air, I tilted my head to the skies for a splash of the sunshine’s warmth. I immediately felt healthier and more alive, and my spirits began to soar just thinking about the three-day adventure ahead.

To begin my journey, I traveled just a few miles outside of the charming town of Santa Fe into the countryside of La Cienega, to stay at the health-centric Sunrise Springs Spa Resort. The resort is located about 10 miles outside the bustle of Santa Fe city life for ultimate relaxation and peacefulness.

When I arrived on the property, a simplistic gravel drive and minimalist entrance to the resort met me. I was somewhat taken a back, yet intrigued at the opportunities that lied ahead over the next few days.

Within a few minutes of the check-in process, I was being whisked away by a young man who gave a brief, yet informative tour of the tranquil resort space and its’ offerings. I was delighted to find such subtle nuances of elegance, in this integrative, rustic, off the beaten path setting.

My initial inclination to opt for high-end luxury and matchless service is my “typical go-to”, but that melted away immediately as I strolled down the paths past the spa, medicine wheel and greenhouse, with an expansive view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. It only took a matter of minutes to realize that my mind would be renewed, my body energized and my spirit enlightened within these surroundings. There were so many thoughtful details across the paths of this resort from the 4 large repose pools to the intimacy of my two room casita with fireplace for a most relaxing night of rest after the long flight.

The body and therapeutic spa has many offerings to calm the most intense soul, yet the wellness aspect of the therapies is not taken lightly. Solitude, healing, nature, wellness, and restoration were not hard to achieve at this resort.

This integrative, all-inclusive resort features gardens, paths and walking trails, a culinary classroom, as well as expressive arts, yoga, meditation, fitness classes, archery, hatchet throwing, puppy play and so much more. The “Best of Both Springs” allows guests to drive to the sister property to spend a day soaking in the sacred, legendary waters at Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs, located just an hour away from Sunrise Springs Resort Spa.

Santa Fe has been known for centuries as a place for wellness-minded people to go for crystal clear air, bright sunshine and natural healing springs. From the origins of the Native Americans to the more traditional folks of the Western culture, Santa Fe is filled with a diverse lifestyle and an abundance of wellness resources.

Sunrise Springs was definitely one of those spots!


If you're interested in including Santa Fe or Sunrise Springs in your travel plans, contact Mary to plan your dream trip.


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