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A New Wardrobe For My Table - Velvet, Thanksgiving Style!

Mary Yost Lifestyle is all about how I ENJOY life when I’m not traveling. I spend more time with a small group of people, mostly, at my home. It is nice because I still enjoy dinner and brunch with friends and I love creating a beautiful table for our time together.

This year seems much more about creating the luxury of a beautiful, unique table setting. At a time when we are all very much at home. It tends to be... the little things.... sparkly things, in life that can keep us going. The thought of having a different Thanksgiving celebration this year is common and challenging to accept. One with a limited amount of family, and possibly friends, that you feel safe with. It brings a new twist to Thanksgiving "COVID style." Yet, it can enable each of us to spark a creativity to inspire others to have a day of great joy, a celebration and appreciation for all the things we are still thankful for.

This year, I chose a different palette for my early-fall tablescape, rather than traditional fall colors. I find comfort in the colors I have chosen. I have featured soft mauve, beige and taupe, buttery peach and rosy pink for the table. This fall, I’m in LOVE with velvet pumpkins, anything velvet for that matter! The larger velvet pumpkin, the more fabulous! I found this one with fabulous feathers at one of my favorite local shops, House of Hazen. The funky, yet fun gourd and woodsy flowers are a special find from Pollen Atlanta, my favorite destination for beautifully created florals and unique home items.

My theme for Thanksgiving is a tad more glitzy but why not spice things up a little!

I hope you will enjoy and celebrate with me! Share your creations/tablescapes of your own design. What does this bring to your table?


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