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A Home With Beautiful Spaces Brings Peace and Security For Everyone.

When I am at home I love to create beautiful spaces to enjoy, both aesthetically and for others’ enjoyment. Especially when I’m entertaining. So many times I choose to use fresh flowers throughout

the house to add a pop of color, a fresh scent, and a beautiful look to the room. With the season of fall here now, I decided to gather several types of fruit that are seasonally abundant. This year, I picked up a few types of apples, pears, blood oranges, mandarin and navel oranges, as well as, bananas and

pomegranates to create a centerpiece, that I feel turned out gorgeous, for my kitchen island. I added a touch of eucalyptus greenery for texture and to help fill in the gaps and this is the final look. Since that time, I have made homemade applesauce, spiced apple bundt cake, fresh fruit salad and smoothies to utilize the fruit in a creative way that fits into MY Lifestyle quite nicely.

Thanksgiving An Alternative Look:

MY, aka Mary Yost, THANKSGIVING TABLE IS ABOUT THE MOMENTS WE MAKE, OUR MEMORIES around a kitchen island or a dining table!

Where we share our enjoy, our laughter, our fears, our stories, OUR TIME TO CONNECT. Most of all when someone is preparing dinner.

MY Table this year features feathers and a new turkey for a dramatic addition to my fall look of garland with glistening leaves, glittery pumpkins and of course candles for added beauty and ambiance. I am in love with my plate chargers from Williams Sonoma which are a traditional plaid pattern using updated shades of gray, taupe, butternut, and orange. I’ve pulled out my mother’s silver and kept it very simple, but elegant. I don’t like a “fussy” table, but I do like a glam look! Enjoy and create all the things you love! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!


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