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Travel FAQ's

This page helps with the most frequently asked questions I get from clients about what it is like working with a travel advisor. 

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Q: What can I expect when working with you as my travel advisor?

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I start with a complimentary consultation to determine if I am a good fit for you and vice versa.  I will ask you some questions to help me understand and create the perfect vacation for you.  As your travel advisor, I will present a plan or multiple options and then work with you to fine tune the details.  You will have one point of contact before, during and after travel, to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  If you need anything at all while traveling, please contact me immediately so that I can assist.  Above all I am your advocate throughout the process.


Q: Can you help me find

a deal?

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I work as an advocate for my clients to provide the best value, which is not always the lowest price.  I also work with a multitude of travel partners to extend benefits such as complimentary breakfast, upgrades and more. 

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Q. What about travel insurance?

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Your vacation is an important investment and I always recommend protecting your trip.  There are a lot of different types of insurance and it can be confusing.  I  will send you options and together we can determine the best plan for you..


Q: Can you help me plan a surprise trip?

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 I LOVE surprises!  I can help you plan, execute and present the gift of travel for someone special.


Q: What types of travel do you plan?

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I have extensive experience with Couples Travel, Honeymoons, Multi-Generational, Luxury Travel and Small Groups.


Q: Why do you charge planning fees?

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Each trip is custom designed and I spend considerable time researching, planning and negotiating.  During your initial consultation with me, I will discuss our procedures including fee structure.  Planning fees start at $100 USD and vary based on the destination and complexity of the trip.


Q: Can you book my rewards travel?

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If you want to redeem or earn loyalty points or miles, please let me know during our initial conversation so that we can explore those options.

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"Mary was so so helpful every step of the way! She made planning our trip easy and stress free."

- Chelsey 

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